she/her ☆ 20. luz de noche, pisces
02.27 mexican istp

byf i'm not always online and i don't post much. i talk too much about jungkook that it's a bit unhealthy. i curse more than i should. i don't interact with just anyone that follows me.
dnf if you are under 16. if you are an anti of jungkook. if you are racist, homophobic, etc. if you aren't respectful of others favorite artists or interests. pls tw self harm & suicide

likes! coffee, gatos, pedro infante, jungkook, sunny days, romance, reading, writing poetry

dislikes! milk, frogs, toxic fans, rainy days, gore, horror, entitled assholes, reggaeton

FAVORITES kamisama kiss, greek mythology, churros, corpse bride, maná, vanilla, stars, fernando colunga, lord of the rings, aragorn

KPOP bts, stray kids, tomorrow x together, red velvet, enhypen, twice, (g)i-dle, dreamcatcher, loona, stayc, newjeans